Tuesday, October 6, 2015

INTO THE KILLING SEAS by Michael P. Spradlin

Into the Killing Seas

I'd like to thank author Michael P. Spradlin for kindly providing this ARC for reading and review.

Two young boys are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Living in the Pacific during the height of WWII, they are being sent to a safe location until they can rejoin their parents and return to the U.S.  Their travel plans are destroyed when Pearl Harbor is attacked, and the two end up as stowaways on the infamous USS Indianapolis. 

Helped by Benny, affectionately known as Benjamin Franklin Poindexter, Private First Class, United States Marine Corps, Patrick and Teddy are loaded into a crate labelled "ammunition."  Their accommodations come complete with food, water, and a few other creature comforts.  Benny promises to let them know when the coast is clear so they can leave the crate and stretch their legs as the huge ship makes its way across the ocean.

Unfortunately, all Benny's well made plans crumble when the ship is struck by Japanese torpedoes.  As history books reveal, the warship is sliced nearby in half and sinks in minutes.  The two boys and their friend Benny are among the few survivors and soon find themselves in the ocean clinging to a wooden pallet.  Surrounded by crazed sailors, dead bodies, and circling sharks, Patrick is forced to protect his younger brother as he struggles to follow the directions of the severely injured Benny.

Author Michael P. Spradlin captures a moment in history is this action-packed, gritty story of survival.  The images he describes are frightening and vivid and sure to captivate not only history buffs, but also readers in search of a breath-taking adventure.  INTO THE KILLING SEAS is perfect for middle grade libraries and classrooms. 

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