Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The Truth Commission
I have been a fan of Susan Juby since reading ALICE, I THINK.  Her humor and uncanny ability to weave a story with quirky characters sharing the ups and downs of their lives hooked me immediately.  For me THE TRUTH COMMISSION carries on the Juby tradition perfectly.

Normandy, Dusk, and Neil are friends and classmates at the Green Pastures Academy of Art and Applied Design.  They are dedicated to the exploration of their artistic talents and recently, also dedicated to the search for truth.

The three teens have decided to delve into the lives of their fellow students in search of the truth as it relates to each individual.  They are not seeking to expose secrets and generate gossip.  No, they simply want to question others and persuade them to face the real nature of what lies deep within.

Dusk and Neil jump right into the project, and the group finds the successes quite interesting.  When questioned, some individuals give up the truth easily, while others hold back with promises to reveal the cold hard facts when the time is right. 

Normandy "Norm" who gives voice to the trio's story, finds herself facing a truth that might be more of a challenge than she bargained for.  Her older sister Keira is a talented artist in her own right.  She is famous in the art scene for her comic series featuring her own family. 

Recently returned from a prestigious art school, Keira has been acting mysteriously.  She disappears for days at a time, and when she comes home, she spends every minute shut up in the closet she and Normandy share.  The closet has long been the studio where her artistic creations come into being.  Normandy is sure something with Keira is amiss, and when the older sister begins to share the details of a questionable relationship with one of her professors, Normandy is frightened.  Should she press Keira for more details?  Should she involve their parents or some other adult? 

Normandy is quickly discovering that the truth may be uncomfortable and even a bit difficult to control.  Conflicted by pressure from her friends and the love she feels for her sister, Normandy has some big decisions to make.

Author Susan Juby is sure to gain new fans with THE TRUTH COMMISSION.  Clever, witty, and completely truthful, it takes readers on a unique adventure with three spirited friends. 

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