Thursday, November 26, 2015

HIT by Delilah S. Dawson

Patsy and her mother have been through a lot.  Her mother works hard and barely enough to make ends meet.  A recent car accident completely wiped out their finances, and not only that, she's just learned she has cancer.

When men in black suits arrive, Patsy can't believe it when they threaten to kill her mother if she can't pay the debt accumulated since the accident.  They tell Patsy that she can save her mother if she is willing to become an indentured assassin for Valor Savings, the company holding her mother's debt.

Patsy is willing to do whatever is necessary to save her mother, and  before she knows it she is wearing a postal uniform, driving a mail truck, and carrying a gun.  According to Valor Savings, she must kill ten people in five days if they refuse to make good on their debt to Valor.

Following the directions on a GPS mounted in the mail truck, Patsy heads to the home of Robert Beard and the killing begins.  Apparently, Valor Savings is now in control of the country.  Calling 911 for help results in an answering machine message generated by Valor Savings, and in time, Patsy discovers the police no longer exist.  The world will soon be in chaos.

Author Delilah S. Dawson's HIT takes a frightening look at a world not so different from our own.  People spending money they don't have while racking up credit card debt is all too real for many.  To imagine a lending company taking over the government and eliminating all those who owe money is the stuff of nightmares.  Dawson's plot is unique and captivating.  Based on the ending of HIT, I believe the adventure will continue to even more horrifying depths in a future book.

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