Saturday, November 14, 2015

PAPER HEARTS by Meg Wiviott

Paper HeartsYoung Zlatka and Fania are torn from their homes, forced into cattle cars, and transported to the concentration camp.  Fania is frightened and alone on this journey.  Having been arrested with other young girls, some not even Jewish, she fears for her life and knows nothing about the fate of her family.  Zlatka struggles to stay with her family during the chaotic journey only to be separated once their arrive at the camp.
PAPER HEARTS by Meg Wiviott tells the story of two Jewish girls surviving imprisonment in Auschwitz.  Based on true events, their story is painful but one that needs to be told to help others understand the horror of this terrible time in history.

Told in verse, PAPER HEARTS follows the horrific experiences of the two girls as they struggle to survive.  Their determination helps them as they face starvation, freezing temperatures without the benefit of proper clothing, crowded conditions, and back-breaking labor.  They risk death as they attempt to comfort each other and their fellow prisoners sharing what little they have.

Wiviott's first novel for young adults is an excellent addition for library collections and classroom bookshelves.


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