Sunday, November 22, 2015

SHACKLED by Tom Leveen

Once again author Tom Leveen takes readers into the stuff of nightmares.  The cover alone suggests the eventual location, a dingy basement prison and a frightening secret.

Pelly has spent years overcoming an incident involving her best friend, the mall, and a stranger.  She tries to forget the day when at age ten she and her best friend Tara were allowed to roam the mall while their mothers shopped.  Tara disappeared in the middle of a game of hide and seek.

It has been six years since the presumed kidnapping, and no one has heard a thing about Tara.  Pelly's fears have her on medication and seeing a therapist.  Just recently she started working at a local coffee shop in an attempt to begin interacting with people.  Another employee named David seems interested in Pelly, but she is reluctant to trust anyone.

All her horrible fears return one afternoon when a man enters the coffee shop with a girl who looks exactly like Tara.  The girl, thin and cowering behind the man, catches Pelly's eye and mouths, "Help me," as he leads her out the door.  Is it really Tara? 

Pelly is stunned, but quickly recovers and calls the police.  They seem only mildly interested in resurrecting the case, but indicate they will check out the details Pelly provides.  Haunted by the girl's unspoken plea for help, Pelly begins her own investigation, but her search may result in a situation way beyond her control.

SHACKLED by Tom Leveen is a mystery along the lines of Criminal Minds and Cold Case.  Pelly must put aside her own fears in hopes of finding her long missing friend.  Leveen's edge-of-your-seat action is sure to hook readers and keep the pages turning.

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