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LOCAL GIRL SWEPT AWAY by Ellen Wittlinger

Local Girl Swept Away
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Lorna was the ringleader of the their group.  Jackie, Finn, and Lucas followed her everywhere.  On the cold, rainy night they followed her onto the breakwater outside Provincetown, Lorna fell into the ocean and disappeared.  The headlines read LOCAL GIRL SWEPT AWAY.

They attended the memorial service for their friend and tried to put their lives back together.  Jackie threw herself into her photography and artwork, Finn spent his time working at a local art gallery run by his mother, and Lucas escaped to spend the summer working at a hiking camp in the mountains. 

After a kiss gone wrong with Finn, Jackie discovers an attractive older guy working at the art gallery.  He is supportive of her talent and encourages her when Finn's mother arranges a one-woman show so Jackie can improve her portfolio for her college applications.  Despite all the excitement and distraction, Jackie still can't get Lorna out of her mind.  Questions arise about whether she really fell or did she jump or was she pushed. 

As the summer winds down, Lucas returns with news that stuns everyone.  He tells them that Lorna was pregnant, and despite the fact that Lorna and Finn had been sleeping together for some time, Lucas announces there's a chance he may have been the father.  Just when the friends should be joining together to support one another, they are being torn farther apart.

The suspense and intrigue continue when Jackie visits an old hangout and discovers Lorna alive and well.  Lorna begs for Jackie's help as she decides how to reveal that she is still alive and deal with her unexpected pregnancy.  Jackie struggles with her friend's betrayal and keeping the secret from a lovelorn Finn.

Author Ellen Wittlinger weaves her magic in her latest book, LOCAL GIRL SWEPT AWAY, due for release in June 2016.  The complications of this suspenseful story build gradually through a series of twists and turns that are sure to thrill her many fans.  Wittlinger's personal connection to the Provincetown - Cape Cod area lend a genuine feel to the surroundings as her characters reveal their passion for this unique area.  I look forward to sharing Wittlinger's new novel with old fans and introduce her great writing to readers who will likely become new ones.

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