Saturday, March 12, 2016

TRU & NELLE by G. Neri

Tru and Nelle
If you are a fan of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and Harper Lee, you will want to get your hands on a copy of TRU & NELLE by G. Neri.  Reading it is like going back into the world of Scout and Dill and learning even more about their crazy adventures.

True fans of MOCKINGBIRD know that the Scout character is Harper Lee as a young girl, but some may not know that the character of Dill was modeled after Lee's own childhood friend, the famous actor and writer, Truman Capote.  Truman (Tru) is quite a bit like Dill.  His parents are absent most of the time so he lives with several aunts and an uncle in Harper (Nelle) Lee's neighborhood.  He has great adventures to tell about from his time in New Orleans and on riverboats with his father who tried unsuccessfully to amass a fortune to please his fancy wife.

Author G. Neri fictionalizes the friendship by creating adventures and mysteries for Tru and Nelle to solve together.  The creative pair take on the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Watson to investigate crimes in Monroeville, Alabama.  They have a grand time, although their shenanigans are not always popular with family, friends, and townsfolk.

TRU & NELLE is well worth the read and will entertain old fans and spark an interest in new ones.

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