Tuesday, March 8, 2016

THE DOGS by Allan Stratton

The Dogs
Cameron Weaver's bags are packed.  He and his mother are moving again.  This time they end up out in the middle of nowhere in a rundown old farmhouse.  Cameron will soon be riding the school bus to his new school that is also out in the middle of nowhere.

Memories of his mom and dad fighting ended when Cameron's mom decided they needed to leave.  Ever since she made that decision, the two of them have been on the run from his dad.  They never stay anywhere too long because Cameron's mom is always worried that her ex-husband will find them.  According to her, he is crazy and definitely not safe to be around.

It doesn't take long for Cameron to figure out something isn't quite right about their new home.  From the taunting and teasing on the school bus to rumors of a pack of killer dogs, Cameron knows he has to keep his eyes open and his senses sharp.  A conversation with their landlord, Mr. Sinclair, has convinced Cameron that he is hearing the voice of Jacky, the son of the farm's former resident.  He knows his mother won't like it, but Cameron is determined to find out what happened to Jacky and Jacky's mother.  He is sure it involves foul play and a pack of ferocious dogs.

THE DOGS by Allan Stratton is a mystery/ghost story that is sure to keep readers up at night.  Stratton offers killer dogs, the restless spirit of a young boy, a bully, and a crazy great-grandmother to help keep the pages turning. 

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