Saturday, August 8, 2009

JUST ANOTHER HERO by Sharon Draper

JUST ANOTHER HERO is the final book in Sharon Draper's trilogy THE BATTLE OF JERICHO and NOVEMBER BLUES. It takes readers inside a Cincinnati high school to follow the lives of a group of students who are now seniors finishing their high school careers and heading on to whatever their futures may hold.

This group of friends has experienced a lot over the years. They have watched out for each other, fallen in love, and had disagreements that changed the course of their relationships. Now in their final year together, they are dealing with personal challenges, family issues, and the usual academic hassles of high school.
Arielle, having realized the error of her ways, is making her way back into her old circle of friends. November is returning to school after the premature birth of her daughter Sunshine. Kofi receives a letter of acceptance to MIT but now must worry about how to pay for the privilege of attending the prestigious school. Jericho and Olivia have a strong relationship and are the envy of everyone.

Running alongside the stories of this group of friends are some potentially explosive situations. Osrick continues to be the target for practical jokes and harassment. Crazy Jack creates chaos in the halls and classrooms and is no doubt the reason for all the fake fire drills disrupting the school day. Eddie has returned from juvenile detention, causing more unwanted tension. And everyone is completely frustrated by a rash of thefts plaguing students and teachers alike.

Author Sharon Draper is an expert at capturing the high school spirit and making her characters come alive. Her ability to create entertaining and believable high school scenarios makes her books popular with many teens.


Anonymous said...

Hey you. You with the face. YES YOU.

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But it's still an award!

Anonymous said...

I started your book and its really good I read the whole series but I did not finish the last one cause someone stole it from me. The one I read so far was Tears Of A Tiger that was really good and hope you come up with more. I also read Cooper Sun that was really good even though it was not in the series hope you wright more good books.

Anonymous said...

I love your book out of my mind awesome book :)