Sunday, August 9, 2009

LIPSTICK APOLOGY by Jennifer Jabaley

All that Emily has left of her parents is a last minute message hastily written on an airplane lap tray in lipstick – “Emily Please Forgive Me.”

She barely had time to feel guilty about the party she had planned while her parents were gone on a quick trip to San Francisco when the news broadcast announced their plane had crashed. Three months later and Emily is arriving at her new home - her Aunt Jolie's beautifully designed New York City apartment.

Used to a nice quiet life in a small town compared to NYC, Emily has to adjust to city life and now a new private school where most students are from privileged families who will probably not look twice at her. Thanks to some advanced preparation, her welcome at the new school is warm and friendly. Unlike in her old high school, she is not on the fringes of the popular people, but instead she finds herself right in the middle of the cool crowd.

It's not long until Emily has found good friends in Lindsey and Anthony, and much to her surprise, highly popular Owen seems interested in her as girlfriend material. Time will tell whether he is sincere in his feelings toward her, or a "player" as her aunt's friend and fashion consultant Trent seems to say.

Readers will quickly come to sympathize with Emily's likeable and less-than- confident character. Plot lines like adjusting to the loss of both parents, life in a fast-paced new world, and attempting to understand her mother's strange apology help keep the action flowing in LIPSTICK APOLOGY. This is the first novel of author Jennifer Jabaley, but hopefully not her last.

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