Monday, August 31, 2009


SUPER STOCK ROOKIE is another fast-paced racing novel by Will Weaver. This is the second in his Motor Novel series and is sure to grab the attention of reluctant teen readers even if they aren't particularly racing fans.

Trace Bonham has been racing Street Stock for years on small town tracks throughout the northern Midwest. Now it's possible that he might get a chance to race a new, top-of-the-line Super Stock car. All he has to do is attend a tryout sponsored by a group called and Team Blu and hope for the best.

Joining Trace are some of his friends from his hometown track at Headwaters Speedway. Mel runs the track with her dad. Patrick sings the national anthem before races, does grunt work around the track, and wishes he could be a driver someday. There are also other racing teams that have watched Trace grow into the racer he is today. All of them wish him the best at the tryout, but if he makes it, will his success change these longtime relationships.

Team Blu offers Trace the best of everything - a great new car, topnotch mechanics and pit crew, and a super trailer complete with his own quality sleeping quarters. He just has to drive fast, look great, and promote their product. Seems pretty simple, but ...

I'm not a racing fan at all, but I found myself caught up in the action from the very first page. Weaver's first Motor Novel titled SATURDAY NIGHT DIRT was also a page-turner, so I'm definitely looking forward to whatever follows next.

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