Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's senior year for linebacker Reggie Scott. He has just made a fabulous interception that could lead to a win for his team. Everything is terrific until he turns around and sees Nate Brown from the opposing team lying motionless on the field.

Even though Reggie's coaches and his parents assure him that Nate's injury is the result of Nate's poor tackle, Reggie blames himself for what happened. Yes, coaching and on the field experience tell players not to lead with their helmet when they tackle, but that knowing Nate may never walk again is making getting back on the field incredibly difficult for Reggie.

PARALYZED by Jeff Rud presents an interesting view of a sports injury. The focus is on a healthy player tackled by the injured athlete and left feeling responsible for the accident. Emotions run high with the injured player's family causing bad press in the sports section and the threat of suspension and a lawsuit. All this combined with some intense play-by-play action on the field creates a sports story sure to interest reluctant teen readers.

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