Monday, October 11, 2010

DARK SONG by Gail Giles

Ames Ford goes to a fancy, private school.  She has an iPhone, her own brand-new laptop, and more clothes than she could wear in a lifetime.  She lives in a house with a home theater and a bedroom designed by a professional decorator.  She doesn't want for anything.  However, things are about to change...

When Ames's dad announces that his company has downsized leaving him without a job, he tells Ames and her little sister Chrissy that nothing will change.  He tells them he was given a good severance package that will tide them over until he gets a new job.  There is nothing to worry about...

Why are her friends suddenly acting strange and asking her how she is holding up?  How does everyone know that her father lost his job?  And what's this about him making a deal to avoid jail time?

When the real truth comes out Ames's life turns into a nightmare.  The house is up for sale, precious possessions are sold at a yard sale, and suddenly they are leaving Boulder and heading for Texas. 

Ames's reaction is anger and rebellion.  Not usually a troublemaker, Ames begins to explore her wild side when she meets Marc.  He offers her love and protection, but by the time she realizes just exactly what he has in mind, it might be too late.

Author Gail Giles has created another thriller perfect for teen readers.  DARK SONG explores the love/hate relationship most teens have with their parents.  She takes a look at just how far one girl might go to retaliate against controlling parents.  This fast-paced novel is a page-turner that won't stay on the shelf long.

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