Sunday, October 10, 2010


Fifth grade is turning out to be a lot different than fourth grade.  Justin Fisher is used to being the class clown, but his new teacher is treating him like a troublemaker.  What was once funny and earned him a round of laughter, now is getting him sent to the principal's office.

Justin is determined to come out the winner in his self-declared war against Mr. Tripp.  How can a guy with a goofy mustache really expect kids to take him seriously?  Justin vows to break him one way or another.

Unfortunately, Justin's classmates have turned on him.  They are acting like he's more of a disruption than a distraction.  When a school talent show is announced, they discourage him from entering because he will just "ruin everything".  That reaction just makes him more interested in scoring a spot in the program.

Author James Preller describes fifth grade to a tee in JUSTIN FISHER DECLARES WAR!  Every class has a Justin, and at some point, every class begins to object to the disruption caused by a chronic goof-off.  Preller's novel offers excellent read-a-loud potential with ample opportunity for discussion about behavior and its consequences.  I'll definitely be recommending this one to both students and teachers in middle grade classrooms.

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