Friday, October 8, 2010


Gracie has always been surprised that Savannah considers her a friend, not just a friend, but a best friend.  Gracie lives a fairly boring existence with her father hovering protectively.  She is not really sure why Savannah finds her so fascinating.

Things have changed a bit recently, though.  Frequently forgetful, Savannah seems to be even more scattered.  When she sets a time to meet Gracie at the coffee shop, it has become a common occurrence for her to be late or possibly not show up at all.  Her excuses are pretty lame, even bordering on rude.

On one such occasion when Gracie had been waiting for over an hour for the tardy Savannah, Cooper showed up and invited Gracie to go to a local community center called the Neighborhood.  Gracie and Cooper have always shared a common interest in promoting worthy causes, and now Cooper wants to show off the community center in hopes of recruiting her as a volunteer.  She has a terrific time but is almost discouraged by the careless attitude Savannah has when Gracie tries to share her enthusiasm about the great work done at the center.

Having Savannah "forget" appointments or complain of schedule conflicts is one thing, but when she begins to include Gracie in downright lies to hide her real activities from others, Gracie decides something must be done.

In MY WORST BEST FRIEND author Dyan Sheldon portrays friendship at its worst.  Many readers will unfortunately be able to relate to Gracie as she experiences Savannah's mistreatment.  After her initial shock and disappointment, Gracie shows readers how to deal with an abusive friend.  MY WORST BEST FRIEND provides a peek into an all too common problem in the world of BFF's.

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