Sunday, October 17, 2010

ITCH by Michelle D. Kwasney

Leaving Florida and moving to Ohio?  Delores is sure that it represents the end of the world.  Her beloved Gramps died, and Gram has put the house up for sale so they can move into a mobile home next door to relatives in some tiny Ohio town.

Delores's memories of Gramps include her nickname, Itch, his 1957 convertible, and his smelly cigars.  They spent endless hours sitting together in that old car, listening to the radio and talking about everything.  Missing Gramps is bad enough, and now she has to leave her best friend Bailey behind, too.

Gram and Delores settle into their new home.  According to Gram, they have to sell the Florida house and Gramps car to make ends meet.  Life also changes when Gram decides to use her old hairdresser skills to get a job in a local beauty parlor.  Delores starts school where she begins to make friends with several of the girls in her grade.  She misses Bailey, but once she meets Gwendolyn "Wendy", she hopes she might be on her way to finding a new best friend.

Wendy is a champion dancer and baton twirler who lives in a fancy house the total opposite of Delores's trailer park home.  As their friendship begins to blossom, Delores suspects that Wendy's storybook life might have a dark side.  When evidence surfaces that Wendy is being abused by her mother, Delores looks to advice from Gramps about how speaking up takes courage.

ITCH by Michelle D. Kwasney describes one young girl's grit and determination to make the best of a difficult situation.  Moving was the last thing Delores wanted to do, but with the help of her supportive grandmother and her own generous spirit, she meets her challenges head-on.  She not only adapts to her new surroundings, but also steps up to help a new friend.  Delores is sure to inspire middle grade readers as well as entertain them with her story.


Tina's Blog said...

This is not a very well known title, but I really enjoyed it.

kellyxobffyo said...

I like this book alot, and i reslly dont read.