Saturday, November 20, 2010


High school for David is about running on the track team, hanging out with his friend Eddie, and dating Kick.  Lately, however, he has been feeling strange. 

In track his track performance has been unsteady at best.  When Sean steps forward to offer his help as a pacer, David is pleased, but maybe a bit too pleased.  Being around Sean makes him nervous but in a good way.  He thinks he'd like to be around Sean more than just at track practice.

Then there's Eddie.  They've been friends since elementary school.  Eddie has suddenly decided that it's time to come out as gay.  When he invites David to join his new Gay/Straight Alliance club, David puts his foot down and refuses.

Kick and David have been dating long enough that David realizes it is probably time to make a move.  He knows she is expecting something, but just getting up the nerve to kiss her is more than he can handle at the moment.

David is beginning to wonder just exactly what is going on.  He is finding it more and more difficult to shower and dress in the same locker-room with Sean.  The guy is like a magnet drawing David closer all the time.  Finally, it happens.  They have a moment together that confirms what David has been feeling.  It's Sean he loves not Kick.  But now that David has come to terms with who he is, Sean doesn't seem to be able to do the same.

Author Lee Bantle takes readers into the life of a young teen struggling to understand his sexuality.  Bantle describes David's inner battle to recognize his true self as well as his need to be accepted by those he loves.  The excitement of young love and the fear of rejection have David hiding his true feelings from family and friends.  DAVID INSIDE OUT provides a positive perspective for teens struggling with similar issues whether personally or as a friend.

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