Sunday, November 14, 2010

HOW TO STEAL A CAR by Pete Hautman

"Did you know that a car gets stolen in this country every twenty-eight seconds?"  This is Kelleigh's not-so-innocent comment to her mother as she is preparing the family's dinner.

Kelleigh doesn't even have her driver's license yet, but she is doing a lot of driving.  It started when she and her friend witnessed a businessman drop his keys in the parking lot of the mall.  He didn't notice his mistake and headed off to do whatever business he had planned.  Kelleigh picked up the keys and used them to steal her first car. 

She isn't sure exactly what motivates her.  It could be just the rush she feels when she first enters the car and starts the engine.  It could be a reaction to the tension she's feeling at home between her parents.  It might be the potential money she could earn if she keeps working with experienced car thief Deke.  Whatever it is, it is habit-forming, and she can't seem to stop.

Kelleigh comes from a good home.  Her father is a defense attorney and her mother works in real estate.  The family eats dinner around the table each night, and she goes to Pilates with her mother every Saturday morning.  They have raised her to know the difference between right and wrong.  So why is Kelleigh stealing cars? 

Pete Hautman, author of GODLESS, SWEETBLOOD, and MR. WAS, shows off his talent at creating unique storylines.  HOW TO STEAL A CAR doesn't have the classic plot where teenager steals car, gets caught, and after punishment learns a lesson.  Instead, Hautman delivers an action-packed story about a character searching for motivation.  Hautman fans will want to check out this clever, quick read.

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