Saturday, November 6, 2010


Phoebe was raised by two loving parents who told her constantly she was an extraordinary girl, but now Phoebe's life may depend on her ability to admit she is simply ordinary.

In seventh grade Phoebe made a big decision.  She decided it was time to make some new friends.  Inspired by the arrival of a strange, new girl, Phoebe made it her goal to befriend Mallory.  The more she got to know Mallory, the more she knew the new girl needed her.  What she didn't realize, was that it was a friendship controlled by forces far beyond anything Phoebe could ever imagine.

The years passed quickly as the friendship between Phoebe and Mallory grew.  The two became inseparable.  Phoebe learned about Mallory's ailing mother, and with her own mother's help, arranged for daily care and medication so Mallory could live a more normal teenage life.  Mallory even had her own room across the hall from Phoebe's so she could get away when necessary.  The two were almost like sisters.

Phoebe wasn't totally surprised when Mallory mentioned her brother was planning a visit.  Mallory's mother's condition meant she was forced to live a rather secretive life sometimes.  This mysterious older brother had been living in Australia for years, but a career change made it possible for him to return for a surprise visit. 

Ryland has a strange magnetism that attracts Phoebe instantly.  He exhibits a quiet maturity that has Phoebe wanting to know more and more about him, however, when opportunities present themselves for private moments, Ryland makes it crystal clear that Phoebe must not let Mallory know about their relationship.  When frustration drives Phoebe to sneak a peek in Ryland's bedroom, she finds something that she cannot begin to understand or explain.

Author Nancy Werlin takes readers into the fairy realm once again in EXTRAORDINARY.  She weaves a fascinating family history into a tale of friendship, romance, and personal sacrifice.  The story of friendship is carefully constructed in the here and now, and then it is creatively mixed into the fantastic world of the fairy kingdom complete with a dying queen and her quest for a source of renewing power.  Fans of Werlin's IMPOSSIBLE will be rushing to grab this one off the shelf.

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