Sunday, November 14, 2010


"The first thing he saw was a soldier with a megaphone leaning through the second-floor window of one of the buildings; the second was the sixteen snipers aiming at him from the windows all around."

Events like the one above are fairly common place for Agent Six in REMOTE CONTROL, the sequel to Jack Heath's THE LAB.  It is filled with heart-stopping images just like it.

The world is still controlled by ChaoSonic and Six is still struggling to survive as he battles evil without the use of deadly force.  This time his identical twin is kidnapped by a new villain named Vanish.  Vanish mistakenly believes he has kidnapped Six and is asking for a ransom or the teen will be killed.

As Six begins the Mission to rescue his brother, he encounters a new individual, a mysterious girl who keeps herself hidden but offers survival advice Six finds quite confusing but useful if he is able to unlock the cryptic clues.  Adding difficulty to his mission is the fact that the Deck has been compromised leaving Six completely on his own.  With no one to trust, he must keep track of everyone and can't rely on anyone.

Readers looking for non-stop action, violence, and intrigue should pick up a copy of REMOTE CONTROL as soon as possible.  Jack Heath has a real knack for creating 007-type gadgets backed by spy-thriller adventures, and Agent Six's superhuman skills are sure to please.


Jack Heath said...

Thanks for the terrific review! Glad to hear you enjoyed the book. :)

Best wishes,

Readingjunky said...

Thanks for stopping by to read my review. I'm excited about "booktalking" REMOTE CONTROL in my classroom today. My students enjoyed THE LAB so I'm sure they will be interested to know there is a sequel.