Sunday, November 27, 2011

DARK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts

Mason's mother saved his life.  Her car accident got him called out of school early,and being at the hospital when the explosions destroyed his school, saved his life.  Unfortunately, his mother died from her injuries, and all his friends died in the blasts.

Aries watched as the man on the bus began rocking back and forth.  She leaned over to whisper to her best friend Sara who agreed the man must be crazy.  The moments that followed were a nightmare Aries would never forget.  The ground beneath the bus exploded sending everyone toppling.  By the time the bus came to rest on its side, Aries was one of the few left alive.  After a frantic search with help from a stranger, Aries found Sara - dead.

Mason and Aries are among the lucky few who survive what turns out to be a worldwide disaster.  Earthquakes and the resulting fires, plus bomb explosions cause widespread devastation.  Those left behind have the challenge of surviving without power, cell phone service, or any means other communication.  Complicating matters is that some of the survivors are infected by some disease or possessed by some evil and are now killing machines to be avoided at all costs. 

DARK INSIDE by debut novelist Jeyn Roberts is the beginning of a new series involving a group of survivors on the hunt for remaining family and friends and a new place to call home.  They must learn to live without most modern conveniences, limited food supplies, and the constant threat of the humans turned monsters.  Roberts provides plenty of intense action along with interesting back stories making DARK INSIDE a fast-paced read with the potential to be the next great YA series.

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