Wednesday, November 16, 2011

THE LOST SONGS by Caroline B. Cooney

Lutie Painter and Doria Bell come from two different worlds, but their lives are connected by music. 

Lutie's great-great-grandmother worked every day doing laundry for white people.  While she worked, she sang.  Her songs became known as The Laundry List, and she passed them down to Lutie.  Lutie loves the songs, and the people of Chalk love to listen to her sing them. 

Miss Veola, the minister of Lutie's church, believes that Lutie should share the songs with the world.  If the songs were recorded and sold, the money could be used for great benefit.  Lutie just doesn't see how she can give up the precious gift she inherited.

To Doria music is playing the church organ.  She loves the act of playing and the response of an appreciative audience.  Hours of practice make her indispensable to many area churches.  Those who want the Laundry List songs think Doria may be to one to convince Lutie to share her knowledge.

If life was just about music, both girls would be happy, but living in or near Chalk puts them in danger.  The neighborhood might be friendly and safe during the day, but by night the safety of trusting girls is in question.

Author Caroline B. Cooney reveals the deep heritage of Southern traditions and combines it with the love of family and music.  Readers will quickly connect to her richly developed characters and carefully crafted prose.

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