Sunday, November 27, 2011

LOST AND FOUND by Anne Schraff

Darcy misses her father, but he's been gone for five years now and she has moved on.  She gets good grades in school, helps her mother around the house, and makes sure she comes home right after school to take care of her ailing grandmother so her mother can get to work.

Lately, Darcy has been losing patience with her little sister.  Jamee is only in the eighth grade, but she acts like she's older than Darcy.  When Darcy hears rumors that Jamee is hanging around with a no-good character from Bluford High, she confronts her.  Jamee says it's none of Darcy's business who she hangs out with, and as Jamee's attitude toward family and friends worsens, Darcy becomes even more concerned.

Another concern Darcy faces is the sudden appearance of a strange man in a Toyota.  She sees him parked outside the school and right in front of their apartment building.  A call to the police one evening when Darcy's mother is at work reveals that the man is actually their father trying to find a way back into their lives.  Things really heat up when Jamee goes missing.

Author Anne Schraff has created this less than 140 page quick read for the Bluford High series published by Townsend Press.  Packed with complicated issues, it offers reluctant readers a chance to read about teen problems much like their own.

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