Friday, November 25, 2011


Author Jeff Kinney continues to entertain with his latest WIMPY KID book called CABIN FEVER. 

Greg knows Christmas is just around the corner, and he also knows he needs to clean up his act or Santa won't be happy with him this year.  "Santa's Scout" a little elfish doll his mother says keeps an eye on kids for Santa, seems to be following him around.  It could be just a trick played by his older brother Rodrick, but it's still creeping him out.

As usual things go wrong for Greg at home and at school.  No matter what he tries to do to make himself look good for Santa, it seems to backfire.  His dad isn't impressed when the kid Greg claims is bullying him turns out to be a kindergartner.  He also isn't very popular after he uses a hose and sprinkler to clear the snow from the neighbor's driveway.  He and Rowley also strike out when they try to start their own fund-raising carnival in competition with the one put on by the school. 

There are many more crazy schemes that go wrong, and the story finally ends when Greg, Rodrick, Manny, and their mother are snowed in for days.  Readers won't be disappointed with the new DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: CABIN FEVER.

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Neha said...

It is a great book and one of the most hilarious books i have read it contains that how greg heffley finds a date for his valentines day dance at school and at last it turns out a great disaster for him