Thursday, December 1, 2011

STIR IT UP by Ramin Ganeshram

STIR IT UP by Ramin Ganeshram combines a great story about an ambitious young teen with a bunch of mouth-watering recipes for traditional West Indian dishes.

Anjali has grown up working in her family's restaurant.  She learned all about cooking from her mother, father, and grandmother, but she possesses a true natural talent for combining ingredients that leaves even those veterans around her in awe. 

What Anjali wants more than anything in the world is to have her own cooking show on Food Network TV.  When she hears about a contest for Super Chef Kids, she is determined to enter.  Unfortunately, the contest takes place the same day as the entry exam for the special high school her father wants her to attend.  He refuses to listen to Anjali's arguments that winning the cooking contest will offer her a better chance for a successful future, but she decides not to let his objections stand in her way.

As a fan of the Food Network, and especially the cooking contests, I loved this book.  Anjali's determination and dedication to make food her life had me rooting for her even though she defied her father's wishes to go for her dream.  I haven't tried any of the recipes, but I'm sure many readers will be inspired to do so after reading STIR IT UP.

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