Monday, December 26, 2011

DEEP ZONE by Tim Green

Ty White and his brother Thane have survived a lot.  Their parents were killed in a car accident, and then the two became unintentionally involved in a mob gambling scheme.  Both Ty and Thane are glad all of that is in the past.  Or is it?

Ty is finally getting settled back in his school routine, and Thane is wowing fans in his NFL career.  Out of nowhere bad luck strikes again.  Thane suffers a devastating knee injury followed by a life-threatening infection.  While he is in the ICU fighting for his life, Ty is once again face-to-face with members of the mob.  An upcoming trial involving their uncle who is testifying against the mob has the FBI worried that Ty will be a target. 

Throughout all the excitement, Ty is also working to earn a spot on a team headed to a 7 on 7 tournament scheduled to play as an opener for the upcoming Super Bowl.  If he can make the team, it will mean a chance to spend some quality time with Thane and show everyone that he is just as talented as his brother.

An added complication to the story is the fact that if Ty's team makes the cut for the Super Bowl play-off, he will possibly be facing the team with the famous Troy White, the football genius.  Ty wonders if his team has what it will take to beat a team with a player who can supposedly predict exactly which plays the opposing team plans to run. 

Author Tim Green continues his Football Genius series in DEEP ZONE.  There is plenty of his signature football action and a lot more including desperate mobsters, man-eating alligators, and Burmese pythons.  Green's young fans won't be disappointed.

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