Saturday, December 10, 2011

KILL YOU LAST by Todd Strasser

Shelby doesn't know who to trust.  The world of comfort and security she has always known is crumbling around her.  Yes, she lives in a super cool house in a top notch neighborhood.  Yes, her father is a well-known photographer who drives a Ferrari, but suddenly life is changing.

Shelby and her father have always been close.  She loved zooming around with him and found him much easier to confide in than her more distant mother.  Over the past several years, she had begun to notice that her parents were growing apart.  They now slept in separate bedrooms, but they had a ready excuse that was supposed to explain the change.  Her father had also decided his photography business would perform better if he moved it to a different location that required him to be gone for days and sometimes even weeks. 

Despite these subtle changes, Shelby didn't suspect anything.  She was busy finishing high school and making plans for college.  However, when the news reported three young girls missing and evidence pointed to the possible involvement of her someone in her father's business, Shelby found herself doubting everything she had always known.

As more news surfaced, Shelby discovered that her father seemed to be living a double life - that of a devoted father and confidant, and that of a man interested in luring young women to his business for more than just head shots for their would-be modeling careers.  How could she have been so trusting and yet so blind?  How could her mother not have noticed some telltale sign that her husband was fooling around?  And now, who can Shelby trust to help her figure out the truth?

KILL YOU LAST is the third book in Todd Strasser's "thrill"-ogy.  Each book highlights a mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end.  If KILL YOU LAST sounds interesting, don't miss WISH YOU WERE DEAD and BLOOD ON MY HANDS.

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