Saturday, December 3, 2011

THE DAY BEFORE by Lisa Schroeder

The lives of two people are about to change.  Amber has chosen to spend this last day at her favorite spot - the beach.  She meets Cade who has chosen the beach for his day as well.

Both their family situations are about to change forever.  They feel the changes are out of their control, and both fear the potential effects on their relationships with parents and siblings.

Amber's fears involve opening herself to strangers about to become part of her family.  Cade's situation fills him with guilt as the change he faces causes him to fear for his very life.

As Amber and Cade go through the day, they try to focus on the moment and make the day perfect.  Spending the day together, they make a connection that could very well turn into more than just a casual acquaintance. 

Lisa Schroeder uses her poetic talents to involve readers in the one day experience of Amber and Cade.  They will be touched by these young teens and the dramatic changes they are about to embrace.  THE DAY BEFORE is Schroeder's best work yet.

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