Monday, December 19, 2011


Cam Cooper has grown up surrounded by Disney World.  Having parents who work as entertainers at one of the world's most famous amusement parks, mean that Cam and her sister Perry live quite an amazing life.  It's a life most kids would envy, but Cam simply takes it in stride. 

Unfortunately, Cam's world came crashing down when her father died.  Memories of their close relationship have helped her deal with another unfortunate obstacle.  Her life has been filled with hospitals and doctor visits.  For years she has been battling cancer, and she knows that she won't see her eighteenth birthday.  Doctors have pretty much said they have done all they can, but Cam's mother is not satisfied.  There may not be any more drug trials available for Cam, but her mother has found a new possibility - a place called Promise, Maine. 

According to Cam's mom, miracles happen in Promise every day.  If they follow the quirky directions and are able to make it to the tiny ocean side town, Cam may have a chance of being cured.  Cam isn't convinced, but she agrees to give it a try to humor her mother and her little sister.

Right from the start, Promise proves to be an odd experience.  The motel they are never really able to find is supposedly being renovated, but that doesn't prove to a problem when a handsome, young man offers them his grandfather's vacant house.  There's the magic of the sunset that appears every evening in the east against a backdrop complete with a lighthouse and leaping Orca whales.  There are hundreds of flamingos feeding in a tide pool on shrimp that are native to Florida but definitely not this stretch of Maine beach.  There's even a rare July snowfall that turns the summer setting into a winter wonderland.  Maybe miracles do happen in Promise, Maine.

Debut author Wendy Wunder has created a marvelous story of a girl trying make the most of her last summer.  Wunder's character faces her certain death with courage, humor, and a sense of hope that inspires everyone around her.  Cam learns so much that summer, and with her help, so do all those whose lives she touches.  I can't wait to share this fabulous book.  

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