Saturday, December 17, 2011

PRETTY UGLY by Karyn Langhorne Folan

Jamee is struggling with a number of problems.  Her grandmother recently died, her mother is about to have a baby, her math teacher says she is about to fail the class, and everyone expects her to live up to the standards of her perfect older sister Darcy.  In addition to all these issues, Jamee is determined to tryout for and earn a spot on the Bluford cheerleading squad.

Several of Jamee's friends are hoping to become cheerleaders, too, but the competition is tough.  There are a few girls who act like the bosses of the cheerleaders.  The coach seems nice enough, and the tryouts put everyone on a level playing field, but a girl named Vanessa leads several other girls in bullying the newcomers.

PRETTY UGLY presents the issue of bullying in school.  Vanessa texts an unflattering picture of one of Jamee's friends to everyone at Bluford High.  Jamee is frustrated when none of the other girls steps forward to put a stop to the bullying.  Jamee risks the anger of her parents and the wrath of her math teacher when she disobeys them to stand up for her friend.

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