Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DON'T EXPECT MAGIC by Kathy McCullough

After her mother died, Delaney found herself moving from New Jersey across the country to California.  She hoped that moving in with her father would be a short term solution.  After all, he had never really been a part of her life except for a handful of short half hour visits when she was very young. 

Delaney's father is a world famous for his motivational books.  Millions of people have improved their lives thanks to his inspirational words.  The very first night Delaney spends in her new home, he rushes off to "help" a client.  One would think a daughter who just lost her mother would take precedence over some slightly panicky client.

Several days later when the client calls again, Delaney insists that her father take her along.  She promises to wait in the car but immediately breaks that promise.  What she sees through the window of the client's house changes her life forever.  Delaney discovers that her father is a fairy godmother.  Inherited genetic traits give him magical power to identify people's deepest wishes, and he also has the power to make the wishes come true.

When Delaney finds out she too might have the f.g. gene, she is determined to learn about and control this strange power.  It's not an easy task, but she discovers it will most likely draw her closer to her father which might not be as bad as she had once imagined.

Debut author Kathy McCullough gives a traditional, old fairy tale symbol a new twist.  Delaney is a likable character, and readers are sure to cheer her on as she learns to harness her own magical powers.

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