Friday, December 23, 2011

LOVE ME, LOVE MY BROCCOLI by Julie Anne Peters

Thanks to a generous neighbor, I have some new books to add to my classroom shelf.  LOVE ME, LOVE MY BROCCOLI by Julie Anne Peters was part of the donation.  I've read most of Peters' more recent books but hadn't read this one until now.

Chloe is a teen with a mission.  She is an animal rights activist.  She volunteers her time at the local Humane Society, promotes animal rights through a club she organized at school, and organizes and participates in protests aimed at the prevention of animal cruelty.

Chloe's recent efforts have been complicated by a new relationship.  Her first ever boyfriend, Brett, isn't exactly supportive of her causes.  He isn't in favor of her involvement in protests saying he fears for her safety.  He is also critical of her vegetarian lifestyle when it interferes with his plans.  Chloe finds herself having to decide between love and what she believes is her true mission in life.

Chloe is an extremely likable idealist.  Her character is sure to appeal to many middle grade readers looking for a young person willing to stand up for her values despite the odds.

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