Sunday, January 15, 2012

BANG by Norah McClintock

When Q's friend JD pulls the gun from the back of his pants and shoots the owner of the food wagon, Q knows his life is about to change.

One night Q and JD are out getting high and hanging out.  Q gets the munchies and decides to grab a couple of bags of chips from a food truck parked in an alley.  The owner of the truck shows up and JD pulls a gun and kills the man.  Leaving their victim lying in the alley, they head to JD's house where JD devises a way to keep them from getting caught. 

The boys change clothes, shower, and then carefully wash their bikes.  JD says he will wash their clothes and dispose of them and the weapon.  They carry on with their lives until the police show up at Q's door.

BANG by Norah McClintock is a fast-paced story perfect for reluctant readers.  Readers will experience the fear and panic Q feels when he finds he is being accused of shooting the man.  Will he be punished for the crime committed by his friend, or will he be able to convince the police that he is only guilty of swiping a snack?

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