Sunday, January 1, 2012


Reading YA fiction is my passion, and reviewing it is my way of sharing my love of reading with my students and anyone else who is interested.

Well, I've made a New Year's resolution of sorts.  It should be to lose weight or stop biting my cuticles, but hey, those are too easy, right?  My resolution is to write.

Actually, I have begun writing as part of a Teen Writers' Group one of my students suggested we start at the local public library.  That small group has inspired me.  I'm working in collaboration with one of the teens on a story about bullying, and I'm having a blast!

OK, that's the resolution.  Now, here's the invitation...

I've started a blog to post some of what I'm writing, and I'm inviting you to comment.  Yikes!  That sounds looks as I type it, but I won't know if what I'm writing is worth anything if I don't put it out there for someone to read.

Click here if you are interested or curious to see a work in-progress.  Thanks.

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