Sunday, January 29, 2012

CLUB MEDS by Katherine Hall Page

Freshman Jack Sutton has ADHD.  He relies on Ritalin to get him through the day.  It's part of his daily routine to join the line of students outside the school nurse's office waiting for their meds.  They even have a name for their situation - Club Meds.

Jack is hoping being in high school will change his life.  His condition and his often odd behavior have always made him the target for bullies.  Unfortunately, Jack soon discovers high school doesn't change anything.  In fact, the bullying becomes more serious.

Longtime enemy Chuck has a new game that involves Jack.  Chuck demands that Jack hand over his medication in exchange for not getting beaten up.  Gripped by fear, Jack is forced to substitute look-alike mints for the medication he desperately needs.  Taking his meds becomes a game of Russian roulette since he never knows if he is getting the real thing or a useless mint.

Jack's friends come up with a plan to catch Chuck in the act.  Will it work?  Or will Chuck be able to turn the tables and pin everything on Jack?

CLUB MEDS by Katherine Hall Page is an adventure featuring the high school students kids usually dismiss as the weirdos.  Jack fully understands his place in the high school hierarchy and how it requires that he stand up for himself.  CLUB MEDS champions the underdog and helps the rest of us better understand their plight.

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