Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LOST VOICES by Sarah Porter

LOST VOICES by Sarah Porter enters new territory for the paranormal genre.  No vampires or werewolves this time.  As the cover art promises, this story is about mermaids.

Luce remembers life with her father as they traveled in their red van from place to place.  Maybe he wasn't exactly a model of law-abiding citizenship, but she knew he loved her.  When they settled in Alaska, he worked on a fishing boat and life promised to become normal for Luce, but then he was lost at sea.

When her father didn't return, Luce was forced to live with her drunken uncle.  It was a miserable life, but she was toughing it out until the night he attacked her.  That's when the transformation took place. 

Luce has very little memory of exactly what happened.  First, there was fear and humiliation at the hands of an old drunk, and then she felt herself flowing from one life into another.   This new world was filled with mesmerizing music, and then suddenly a ship headed toward disaster.

Luce was transformed.  She was now a mermaid and lived with a tribe of mermaids.  She soon learned that each of her fellow young mermaids had experienced their own pain and fear in life.  Each had been transformed to escape the tortures of their human lives.

Although, the mermaids are now free of evil humans, they have their own unique kind of evilness.  Luce discovers that the mermaids use hypnotic, beautiful music to lure boats and ships to their destruction.  The purpose of their siren songs is to kill as vengeance for the wrongs suffered at the hands of humans.  Luce is instructed to believe there is no other recourse, but secretly she desires to use her mermaid powers for good rather than evil.

Debut author Sarah Porter is sure to find a great many fans with her unique approach to the paranormal.  Her flowing descriptions, heart-breaking tragedies, and beautiful young girls combine to create a fascinating story about an exceptional group of teenagers not of the mortal world.  She is definitely an author to watch in the future.

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