Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE CATCH by Rick Jasper

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Release date: March 1, 2012

THE CATCH by Rick Jasper is a fast, action-packed baseball adventure.  It is just the right length for reluctant readers, but packs enough punch to satisfy and challenge a more seasoned reader.

When talented young player Danny makes "the catch," his life changes.  Not only does his team win the game, but he is also attracting the attention of some interesting people. 

The representative of a European sports equipment company wants to make a deal.  If Danny will wear their sports clothing line and make sure all the fans see the company's logo, they are willing to pay him well.  As an amateur, the money will have to be placed in a trust fund, but he is assured it will be there waiting for him when he is able to use it.

Not everyone is happy about Danny's little sideline arrangement.  The team already has uniforms and a sponsor, and his teammates aren't too pleased when Danny seems to think more about his endorsement deal than about the games he has to play.  Can Danny stay focused enough to keep making miracle plays and keep his sponsors happy at the same time?  Or will a lack of focus cost his team a chance to make it big?

Author Rick Jasper illustrates the importance of dedication and teamwork in this story involving the often fleeting aspects of fame.

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a GREAT book