Sunday, March 11, 2012


Jordan Sonnenblick has done it again!  CURVEBALL: THE YEAR I LOST MY GRIP is fantastic!

Nightmares of his final pitch and devastating elbow injury plague Peter Friedman.  His dreams of joining his friend and fellow pitcher AJ as the stars of the high school JV baseball team are gone forever, and the thought of starting high school without that dream is terrifying.

In addition to giving up his life as a pitcher, Peter is dealing with his grandfather's confusing behavior.  He fondly remembers all the time he has spent by his grandfather's side learning all about photography.  As the owner and sole photographer of Goldberg Photo, Peter's grandfather has suddenly decided he's retiring and he's giving all his valuable equipment to Peter.  As far as Peter's mother is concerned, the timing is perfect since she insisted that Peter sign up for the freshman class Introduction to Photography.

Peter's teacher quickly figures out he should be across the hall in the advanced photography class.  Peter suddenly finds himself in the middle of a class filled with upperclassmen.  He is pleasantly surprised when the cute freshman girl he noticed in the other class is also sent over to join the advanced group.  Angelika becomes not only his class partner but also his confidant through some pretty tough times.

Author Jordan Sonnenblick takes readers into the confused teenage mind of a young man dealing with his own crumbling dreams, his first intense relationship with a girl, and the crushing reality that his grandfather is slipping into another world.  Sonnenblick uses a unique combination of humor, stark reality, and compassion to create a story that will make a lasting impression on his readers.

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