Friday, March 16, 2012

RED HEART TATTOO by Lurlene McDaniel

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Release date: July 24, 2012

Morgan Frierson loves Trent Caparella, and even though they would both be heading off to different colleges soon, she is sure their love will last.  Morgan is student body president and one of the most popular kids at Edison Middle School/High School.  Trent plays soccer and is part of the popular crowd, too.

Stuart "Roth" Rothman didn't have the privileged upbringing of Morgan and Trent.  After watching his parents die in the explosion of their meth lab, he has lived in a series of foster homes until his uncle was discharged from the military and took over his care. 

Roth is fascinated by Morgan, but he may have lost any chance with her when he makes the unwise decision to set off a box of fireworks under the goalpost at the football pep rally.  It seems like the perfect prank at the time, but it causes quite a disturbance.  Because of this prank, Roth becomes the main suspect when two other students plant a bomb in the school atrium.  The bombing kills nine people, critically injures fifteen, and blinds another.

Everyone feels the effects of the bombing that rocks the small Michigan community.  Lives are changed forever, and relationships are ended.  Despite the trauma and tragedy, some good does come from the disaster, and many lessons are learned.

Author Lurlene McDaniel illustrates how trauma shapes the lives it touches.  Her teenage characters ring true as she describes the love, the loss, and the long journey toward recovery.  Fans will want to watch the bookstore and library shelves for the July release of RED HEART TATTOO.  

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