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Release date: March 13, 2012

Working at Pete's Pizza has been a life-saver for Drew.  His mother's meth habit means he has to take care of himself so the money he makes at Pete's helps pay the bills and keep food in the frig.

The night Drew took the order for three all meat pizzas seemed like any other night.  Kayla left as usual to make the delivery, but she never returned. 

The police found Kayla's car with the door open and the pizzas scattered on the ground.  Further investigation nearby revealed a blood streaked rock.  Witnesses reported seeing a white pickup in the area, but no other evidence could be found.

Gabie also works at Pete's.  On the night Kayla disappeared, Gabie was scheduled to work the deliveries, but she and Kayla had traded nights.  Gabie is convinced that Kayla is still alive.  She and Drew, motivated by their combined feelings of guilt about Kayla's fate, join forces to solve the mystery.

THE NIGHT SHE DISAPPEARED is told in multiple voices including Drew, Gabie, Kayla, and her assailant.  Other additions to the story include the transcripts of 911 calls, news accounts of Kayla's disappearance, police interviews, and more.  Author April Henry creates complex twists and turns that make this book difficult to put down.  This one won't be gathering dust on the shelves when my students get their hands on it.

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