Sunday, February 10, 2013

BLACK BOX by Julie Schumacher

Elena is watching the self-destruction of her older sister Dora.  Dora is caught in the clutches of depression.  When Dora refuses to get out of bed and doesn't respond to the treatment her parents have tried to provide, it is decided she should enter an inpatient program at a local hospital.

The girls' parents want the best for Dora, but at the same time they want to shelter Elena.  Not knowing what is going on frustrates Elena.  She wants to communicate with Dora and offer her support, but she is kept in the dark.  Jimmy Zenk, a neighbor, seems to have some experience since his mother is a psychiatrist.  In his own odd way he offers Elena much needed moral support.

BLACK BOX by Julie Schumacher follows one family as they deal with mental illness.  Schumacher reveals the pain of a depressed teen and the complicated feelings created within a family.  Her story also communicates very real warnings involving depression and the dangerous side effects of medications for teens.  

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