Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When a strange device is discovered strapped to a ventilation duct in the Stonecliff Mall, the decision is made to immediately quarantine every shopper and employee in the shopping complex.  Security announcements suggest that shoppers stay in the stores until the emergency situation can be investigated.  Amazingly, people don't panic.  Instead, they keep shopping and business carries on.

Four teens become involved in the chaos that follows.  Marco, Lexi, Ryan, and Shay each have their own problems as investigators reveal that the mysterious device has released a nasty flu-like virus. 

Marco works in a restaurant on an upper floor.  He was the one who discovered what he thought to be a bomb in the ventilation shaft.  Now he is using every break he gets to try to find a way to get out of the mall. 

Lexi was having breakfast with her parents when her mother, Senator Ross, received a call informing her about the crisis.  She was the official who made the decision to issue the quarantine that trapped everyone inside the mall.

Shay and her grandmother and younger sister were spending the Saturday afternoon shopping.  As time passes Shay's grandmother requires medication for her diabetes.  The elderly woman is not doing well, and Shay is frantic.

Ryan would rather be anywhere besides the mall, but he is stuck.  To top it off, he finds himself being watched over by a couple of football thugs who have promised his older brother they will look after him. 

People begin to show symptoms of the virus.  A makeshift medical center is set up in an office supply store.  Soon people are actually dying from the illness, and it is becoming obvious that there is more to the situation than the officials are revealing.

NO SAFETY IN NUMBERS by Dayna Lorentz grabs readers in the first chapter.  Suburban malls are like playgrounds for many teens, and Lorentz's idea of an out of control, deadly virus will inspire just the right amount of fear and thrilling curiosity in teen readers.

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