Saturday, February 16, 2013

LINDSEY LOST by Suzanne Marie Phillips

Lindsey is a star runner with Olympic potential.  Her brother Micah is a star baseball player.  Their world revolves around their sports.  Lindsey spends countless hours on the track even in the off-season, and Micah hits the batting cages to keep in shape.  Together, they support and encourage each other.

When Lindsey suddenly disappears, Micah can't believe she is gone.  According to his father, he was found unconscious in the driveway on the afternoon she went missing.  The last thing Micah remembers was talking with Lindsey at the track after school.  He knows she was upset but the rest is all a blur.  When he tries to think about it, there are only glimpses of her running through the orchard.

The days that follow are filled with endlessly questions from the police, and then the unthinkable, Lindsey found dead in the orchard.  First Micah is a suspect, then his father, and even Lindsey's coach Kelly.  If only Micah could remember what he saw, he would know if he was a killer or a witness.

LINDSEY LOST is the author Suzanne Marie Phillips' first suspense novel.  It is filled with twists and turns right to the end.  I was happy to read on the cover blurb that she is at work writing her next thriller.  

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