Monday, February 25, 2013


Elly is only sixteen and she is pregnant.  She hasn't made the best choices in her young life, and now her parents tell her she is paying the price.

Lam is the father.  Elly and Lam have had some great times together, but now their parents have decided the best idea is for the two to get married and spend the summer working at the kids' weight loss camp Lam's parents run.  It looks like their parents want Elly and Lam to think about what it will be like to have this baby and raise it by themselves.  When the teens come to their senses, the adults hope they will decide to give the baby up to either Elly's sister who has been trying to have a baby for years or to Lam's parents who lost a child to illness long ago.

The last place Elly wants to be is a summer camp.  She's physically uncomfortable and watching Lam continue to have fun and party without her makes her furious.  She wavers back and forth about whether or not to keep the baby or sign her rights over to someone else.  All she knows is that she regrets all the decisions that got her in this mess.

PREGNANT PAUSE is filled with little side stories in addition to Elly's pregnancy.  Campers with issues provide both drama and comic relief.  The counselors also have their adventures as they interact with campers and each other. 

Readers will definitely feel the emotional turmoil as Elly wavers from moment to moment.  Her determination to prove her parents wrong and her search for the love she feels she has been denied combine to create a roller coaster that will have readers turning pages and hanging on for the ride.

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