Saturday, March 16, 2013

CALL THE SHOTS by Don Calame

Buddies Sean, Matt, and Coop make a final appearance in Calame's latest, CALL THE SHOTS.  This time Sean is front and center as he struggles to deal with a changing family, a new girlfriend, and a sister who is trying to convince everyone he is gay.

When Sean's mother and father announce their BIG news, that his mother is pregnant and that Sean and his sister Cathy will have to begin sharing a room, Sean looks to his friends for help.  He is at least hoping for some much needed sympathy, but he gets even more than he bargained for.  His friends have a plan they tell him is fool proof.  Hmmmm....where has he heard that before?

Their idea is to create their own horror film and enter it in TerrorFest.  If they succeed in winning, the prize money could help Sean's family build an addition for the new baby and keep him from sharing a room with his obnoxious sister.  Now they just have to write a script, audition actors, and most importantly, get the needed financing to create their award-winning movie.

Just like in SWIM THE FLY and BEAT THE BAND, author Don Calame has captured teenage boys at their craziest, funniest, and most entertaining.  Fast-paced and at times, totally raunchy, this one already has a waiting list in my classroom.

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