Saturday, March 23, 2013

MEMORY BOY by Will Weaver

I don't know how I missed this one, but the mistake has been corrected and I'm glad to share the news here.

MEMORY BOY by Will Weaver is an uncomfortably, believable tale of environmental disaster.   Set in 2008, it is the story of the aftermath of worldwide volcanic eruptions that have created ash clouds that have caused pollution, crop devastation, fuel shortages, and more.  The story follows one family's attempts to survive.

Miles Newell, his sister Sarah, and their parents have decided their Minnesota suburb is becoming too dangerous.  The city was hit hard by the effects of the volcanic ash resulting in food shortages, violence, and looting.  The family has decided to head to the summer cabin they own and hope that things are better there.  Using the strange contraption invented by Miles, combining pedal-power with what resembles a sailboat on land, the family heads out to find greener pastures in the country.

Amazingly some areas seem to have weathered the disaster better than others, however, Miles and his family soon learn that strangers are not welcome.  One rest stop for the travelers finds them paying nearly $100 for breakfast at McDonalds.  Folks along the way make it clear to the Newells that if they aren't locals, they better be prepared to move along and do it quickly.

With their summer cabin in sight, the family feels a surge of relief that their journey is over.  However, the presence of two other families already living on their property creates fear and frustration they weren't anticipating.  Now what will they do?  Returning to the city is not an option, but finding a home is necessary to their very survival.

Will Weaver, author of FARM TEAM, SATURDAY NIGHT DIRT, SUPER STOCK ROOKIE, and others, has found me again with MEMORY BOY.  I am eagerly sharing it with my students because it is very similar to MONUMENT 14, a book we read earlier this year.  I know they will like this one, too.  I am also excited to be able to share that MEMORY BOY has a sequel, THE SURVIVORS, which I am currently read and will review soon.

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