Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hattie had the adventure of a lifetime when she tried to make a go of her uncle's Montana homestead.  There were good times and bad, but Hattie wouldn't have traded them for anything.  She made long lasting friends, and they continue to support her endeavors.

After leaving the homestead, working in the boarding house enables Hattie to repay her late uncle's debt and set aside a bit for herself.  In this new adventure Hattie encounters a traveling theater group and joins them as their wardrobe mistress.  She has mixed feelings about leaving her new, comfortable circumstances, but her dream to be a newspaper reporter convinces her that this might be her only chance. 

Hattie arrives in San Francisco and is amazed by its awesomeness.  In her free time she explores.  She finds the huge buildings that house the city's three newspapers.  A stroke of luck lands her a job at one of the papers.  True, it might be just a job as a cleaning woman, but it gets her closer than ever to the job of her dreams.

A combination of Hattie's determination and being in the right place at the right time, allows Hattie to show off her talents as a writer.  Her dream seems to be within reach, but along the way she may find she is losing other things she has come to know and cherish.

Author Kirby Larson continues the adventures of a courageous, strong-willed young woman.  Fans of HATTIE BIG SKY will be happy she has returned.

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