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Welcome to the Charlie Price and Chris Crutcher Blog Tour!

Below you will find reviews for both DEAD GIRL MOON by Charlie Price and PERIOD 8 by Chris Crutcher.

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DEAD GIRL MOON by Charlie Price
Three teens discover a dead girl and get involved in a whodunit mystery that could ruin their lives. Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, they have to trust each other and scramble to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Grace is a runaway escaping an abusive home life when she arrives in a small Montana town. Offered a temporary foster home and even a job at a local diner, Grace understands she may be involved in something corrupt, but she plans to get her hands on enough money to leave and move on as quickly as possible. What she doesn't count on is forming a friendship with JJ, a girl related to and living with her foster family.

Mick arrives in town with his father. Running from the law for stealing and fencing stolen property, Mick's dad picks the place because of a mechanic job available at the local Conoco station. Mick's mother left years ago leaving him to survive with his father whose interest includes cars and small time criminal activity not his son. Mick befriends JJ, and through her, meets Grace. He is attracted to Grace but knows he'll be lucky if he can get her to feel the same way.

An afternoon of swimming and hanging out along the river turns into a nightmare for the three teens. They discover the body of another young waitress from the diner, and they are sure that one of the town's crooked leaders is responsible in some way for the girl's death. Since they have no adult they can trust, they begin their own investigation, but what follows are mistakes and missteps that result in Mick becoming a main suspect and Grace worrying for her own safety.

Author Charlie Price creates a chaotic and action-packed adventure for Mick, Grace, and JJ. Reminiscent of B movies set in corrupt southern towns, the experiences of the three teens kept me on the edge of my seat as they battled against the odds to prove their innocence and solve the case.

PERIOD 8 by Chris Crutcher
Scheduled for release in April 1, 2013, PERIOD 8 is an example of vintage Crutcher combined with a dash of mystery. I was almost breathless in the final 30-40 pages as the action rushed to a riveting conclusion.

Teacher Bruce Logsdon is about to complete his last year of teaching. He's one of those special teachers who just seem to connect with kids in a way that goes beyond the classroom. Logs, as he is known to his students, welcomes kids to join him in his classroom for Period 8. Having lunch in Logs room means not just eating but also opening up in discussions about whatever is on anyone's mind.

Paulie Baum has another connection with Logs besides P-8. Both are dedicated swimmers and workout year round. Some say their dedication borders on insanity when the two are seen swimming in the local lake on days when the temperature barely hits forty degrees.

Paulie respects Logs and brings his problems to this trusted teacher. His recent breakup with Hannah has been a current topic of discussion. It involves another girl who is mysteriously absent from Period 8 causing both Logs and the other students to suspect something strange. It is common knowledge that the girl's father is famous for his strict rules and often unreasonable behavior where his daughter is concerned. Paulie is hoping Logs can help them shred some light on her unexplained disappearance.

Although the students have known each other and shared Period 8 for all their years in high school, they are discovering they don't know each other as well as they thought.

Crutcher grabs the attention of readers with intense character relationships and a quick moving plot. The ever-changing social fabric of high school mixes with the mystery of a missing student to make this a real page turner. 

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