Saturday, April 20, 2013


James may love Walt Whitman and his poetry because they share the same last name, or it could be because he knows it annoys his father.  Whatever the reason, James relates almost everything to Whitman's famous lines.  Besides, when he focuses on poetry, he isn't thinking about the other things that make his life suck.

His sister Jorie was expelled from school supposedly for fighting and sending a girl who used to be her best friend to the hospital.  Another reason given was that Jorie was also guilty of throwing a teacher's laptop in the library.  James misses Jorie and decides to plead her case with the school administration in hopes of reversing her expulsion.  If he is successful, she might be able to walk at graduation, and his parents might agree to allow her to move back into the house.  God, he misses her.  Life at home has become unbearable.

James's sensitive nature has sent him into a deep depression.  To cope with his suicidal feelings, he often confides in an imaginary therapist he refers to as Dr. Bird.  What he isn't comfortable sharing is that Dr. Bird is actually a bird who nods and bobs in response to James's confessions. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Bird is not as effective as in the past so James begins to consult a real therapist recommended by his sister, but paying for the sessions is becoming increasingly difficult without his parents' help.  Without Jorie and without someone to help him deal with his deepening depression, James is afraid he might not be able to hang on.

DR. BIRD'S ADVICE FOR SAD POETS is author Even Roskos's first novel.  Readers will fall in love with James and cheer him on as he fights for his sister and his own personal sanity in a family that just doesn't meet his emotional needs.

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