Thursday, April 11, 2013

JERSEY ANGEL by Beth Ann Bauman

It's the summer before her senior year, and Angel wants to make the most of it.  Living on the Jersey shore usually means plenty of carefree fun, and this summer promises just that.

Angel is taking a break from her on and off relationship with boyfriend Joey.  She likes to keep her options open especially during the summer.  While her best friend, Inggy, is off doing college visits, Angel hooks up with Cork, Inggy's boyfriend.  One thing leads to another and they begin having sex.  She knows Cork really loves Inggy, and she feels guilty about cheating on her best friend, but Cork fills a need Angel can't quite explain.

When Angel is not out with Cork or partying with friends, she is trying to keep up with her mother's various relationships and trying to stay connected with her dad who has remarried and has two little girls.  Angel's family life is far from traditional, but she knows both her parents care about her and are there for her when she needs them.  Although, as she struggles with her future plans, whether to attend the local community college or head out into the workforce, she looks more to her father for encouragement and support. 

JERSEY ANGEL follows Angel and her friends through the summer and into their senior year as they experience love and loss and prepare to step out into the world awaiting them.  Author Beth Ann Bauman realistically captures the experience of late teen life, complete with its insecurities and uncertainties about the future. 

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